Suzanne Trauth is a playwright, novelist, screenwriter, and nonfiction writer. Her novel Show Time is the first book in a new mystery series. Her plays include Françoise, Midwives, Rehearsing Desire, iDream, supported by the National Science Foundation’s STEM initiative on science and technology, and Katrina: the K Word, based on interviews with New Orleans’ survivors of Hurricane Katrina, and produced in over a dozen venues throughout the United States.

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The second book in the Dodie O’Dell mystery series, will debut Winter, 2017. Dodie is at it again when the Etonville Little Theatre produces Arsenic […]

In 1991, Charlotte Cranford travels to the Soviet Union to direct a production of Streetcar Named Desire with a Ukrainian cast. She battles the language […]

Show Time (Kensington Publishing) is the first book in a new mystery series and will debut July 19, 2016.   Click Here to Order on […]